Why should you think about trying Slice?

We’re just getting started, so the product is in its infancy. But know that, even now, Slice is different enough to be worth checking out. After using Slice, someone asked, “If I understand your intent correctly, Slice supports both the creative process and the business process of writing a variety of content. Yes?” Yes. I […]

How I get past Writer’s Block

Someone recently asked me, “What’s the best advice you can give a fellow writer?” Though the question was flattering, it implies that I’m a writer. I don’t consider myself one, but I talk to lots of people who write, and one of the phrases I hear most often when I ask about bottlenecks is “just […]

We just launched. Why?

I just turned my house into software. As much as I wish I had done that with something from Ollivanders, it did it the Muggle way – by selling one and using the cash to develop the other. We launched Slice recently, and I financed a lot of it with four bedrooms on a cul-de-sac. […]